Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tribal Primeaval campaign: scenario 2

The first game in this campaign was a thrashing for the humans, we were down 12 honour points.

So, we sent the elders to the mountain, and they beseeched Ara (the creator god); what shall we do?

Ara spake unto them, and they returned to the tribe waiting down in the valley with his words.

They told the tribe "we must get dogs". "What are dogs?" asked the tribe. The elders weren't sure, but mumbled something about "wolves-that-don't-eat-you".

Surely a job for crazy Ela! If she get eaten, no great loss. But in fact, she returns with a pack of wolves-that-don't-eat-her. I think we are ready.

In Scenario 2, the objective is to chase mammoths off the appropriate end of the valley and into your traps. Ara (the creator god) gave us a gift in scenario one, where the Neanderthals with their little stumpy legs had to chase around looking for spoor. Here in scenario two he has smiled on us again, because chasing mammoths is surely a job for a clean limbed, upright species.

Below is the valley, with a family of mammoths thinking about the long trek back north to the Doggerland grass plains.

Here is the cro-magnon tribe getting pumped up for the chase ahead

Here is the Neanderthal tribe, looking down at their truncated limbs and asking: "who thought this scenario up?"

While crazy Ela convinces her dog friends not to eat the rest of her relatives.

For some reason, both species avoided the southern end of the valley throughout the game.

The mammoths are nervous, they can smell wolf!

...and they are right, here is the dog pack stampeding the furry pachyderms.

While the Neanderthals look on with uncomprehending disbelief at the "Wolves-that-don't-eat-them?"

The mammoths are stampede down the right end of the valley, for the hungry cro-magnons at least.

The Neanderthals little legs can't do much about it.
The game ended with an 11 point victory for humanity, leaving us with a deficit of one point going into scenario three.

No shown in these cave paintings was a tussle between the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons wich was too horrible to be recorded for posterity.

The Neanderthals did comment that invoking divine help was unsporting, but they are not a spiritual people.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tribal Primeval Campaign - game 1

We have been enjoying the Primeval expansion to Mana Press' Tribal rules. So we decided to try out "The Hunt" campaign starting with scenario 1, Tracking.

This was also a change to try out my newly made Primeval mat, which represents the fried out ice age plains of what is now southern France.

In this scenario, a tribe of Neanderthals, led by the one they know only as "Spoke", and Wolf clan of cro-magnons must try to uncover the mammoth spoor under one of the four leafy bushes (see below).
Here are the Neanderthals. Spoke himself has been delayed by a cunning ploy by the humans (one of the Wolf Clan's abilities).
 It became quickly apparent the Neanderthal stumpy little legs did suit them to this scenario. the long limbed humans could cover ground quickly.

Nevertheless, the hairy little guys did their best.

 In some cases getting to the objectives.

...but mostly not.

Tasting and sniffin the human controlled  human bushes, however did not reveal any mammoth spoor

So inevitably, it came to hand-to-hand combat. I couldn't bring myself to take any more pictures. Basically the humans were clubbed senseless by the tough little Neanderthals. The only fright the Neanderthals really got was when a wounded Skin Changer went berserk taking a new Neanderthals with him.
Scenario 2 is scheduled for next week.. It is clealy a mistake to mix it with these primitive beings, I think I might need some dogs.